My Playstyle

In a personal conversation we will discuss in detail the individual staging of our joint game. It is very important for me to listen and discuss your fantasies and preferences. Beginners also find a great support, as I am introducing us together with empathy and understanding into the world of BDSM.

My style is versatile according to the ideas of classic dominance. I am also a touchable mistress – I love dominance with contact. I touch you and you can touch, sense, smell and feel me. Of course, only if I allow it. But I can also dominate you without touching you with my charisma, my glances and my energy flow. I provoke you with my beauty, my scent, distance and closeness.

Roleplaying games are my speciality, because communication and dirty talking are my exceptional strengths. In a sensual game we can live out your fantasies with the appropriate outfits, or I stage our plays with my creativity.

I also like to focus on untypical ideas. Simple rarities, which will lead us together into the unimaginable. If you have certain fantasies, just ask – I am always open-minded for something new to discover!

Overview Playstyle:

Classic dominance
Novice training
Touchable dominance, Pleasure object training
Fetishes of all kinds – including clothing (business, vinyl, latex, leather)
Shoe & Foot worship / Trampling
Orgasm control, Chastity cage, Forced Orgasm
Role plays, Petplay (pony, dog, pig, etc.), Communication, Dirty Talk
Mind – and mentality games, Humiliation, Overpowering games
Discipline, Education
Plays with my scent / smell, spitting, crushing, (forced) feeding, Water Sports, Hard Sports / Scat,
Pleasure and pain torture (Nipple torture, cock & ball torture – CBT, spanking, flagellation, needles, waxing, ice)
Anal games, Strap-on (strap-on dildo), Prostate Massage
Immobilisation, Cocooning (foil bondage), Bondage
Breath Control, Electro Stimulation, Tickling
Sissification / Whore training / Feminization
Long term training / Long term sessions
Rarities – untypical phantasies

Doublesessions with a young dominatrix and a strict unapproachable dominant lady are possible. Depending on your desire, we can also include a devote playmate. Just ask for more details.

Intimate contact (No sex, oral sex)
real wrestling matches – However I like physical overpowering games with wrestling-style elements! For sure I have the power needed 😉

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