Is it possible, that some of your texts are familiar to me from other sites?

Unfortunately my texts or their content including my world of ideas and style have been copied. So if you see a similarity to other texts, you can be sure that it originally came from me, Mistress Myra.

I noticed that your reply via e-mail is a bit slower. Is it better if I call you?

Generally I like a more personal contact. That’s why I prefer communication by telephone. This has many advantages. During our first conversation we can create a better basis of trust. In addition, the mental cinema is already set in motion by the “exchange of voices” that is taking place. How nice it will be for you to get to know my voice 😉 At the same time, it is also much more effective to discuss all the details regarding the session.

However, I also know that it is not always easy to put the fantasies into words. That’s why you can also contact me by mail. In this case, you should expect, however, that my answer may take a long time. Because I like to focus on my individual encounters and giving a “standard reply” is not my style.

Note: If you receive no reply after a long time, please resend your mail or remind me by phone / sms.

For urgent short-term requests please call me or send a sms!

Sms contact: Sms requests are fine for me, but I keep my replies short. Detailed information I only give by phone or email.



How is the flow of a session?

The flow of a session depends on the direction / type of game and our relationship. Normally there is a preliminary talk, the session itself and a post talk. During the preliminary talk, we can discuss certain details (e.g. fantasies, the direction of the session, taboos, health issues and possible restrictions). Before and after the session you have the opportunity to clean up, to shower and prepare yourself for me.
The session itself is a personal encounter with a very individual touch. After the session we have the chance to exchange our feelings and impressions in the post talk. You can “gather yourself” again and prepare for the “outside world”, into which I will release you afterwards.

Each of our sessions is individual and always different. For this reason, certain deviations from the before-defined sequence can, of course, also happen in each session. Health, hygiene, safety and discretion always comes first – regardless of what happens during the session.

How do I make an appointment? How and when can I contact you?

You can contact me by phone (which i prefer) or by e-mail. I do not like long-time SMS conversations. If you can only contact me by SMS, I ask you to keep it short. All available types of contact can be found here. If you would like to reach me on short notice, I always recommend phone contact.

I can be reached by phone from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 23:00. I am not available on Sundays.
Sessions can be booked flexible – whether I accept you, I decide depending on my availability and I also have to feel the lust making a session.

Normally I need a certain preparation time before a session. Short-term requests are nevertheless possible – maybe it does just fit.

Where can we meet? Where can I visit you? Can you visit me, too?

I prefer a meeting at a place / location chosen by myself. Discretion is my first priority. For more information, please contact me. Depending on the way of the planned session hotel or house visits are possible. Outdoor sessions (shopping, coffee shop, restaurant, park etc.) are something very exclusive and special, which I decide individually.

What is your tribute?

My tribute depends on the time I spend with you during the session. No tribute is payable for preliminary – and post-talk, only for the real session time. For more information, just contact me.


About me

How tall are you?

Without shoes I am 173 cm.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

No, I do not have any tattoos or piercings