December 2018

  • Preparations for Christmas – my new stylish glassdildo ready to decorate you all šŸ˜‰

November 2018

  • Watch out!Ā SandraĀ – this beautiful and elegant 36 years oldĀ slave girl is available again and ready to be used and presented in a double session on Monday Dec 3rd 2018 and Tuesday Dec 4th 2018.

September 2018

  • For all fans and future fans of SandraĀ – theĀ slave girl is available forĀ double session on Monday Sep 10th 2018.

July 2018

  • In August Hotel Appointments are possible in Munich. Details you can find underĀ Calendar.

June 2018

  • Starting now available for imaginative double sessions with me: Lady Jacqualine, a provocative touchable bizarre lady and frivolous education assistant in one person.Ā We are already curious what kinky ideas we can come up with together with you šŸ˜‰ Images on my Twitter Feed (see Contact).

March 2018

  • For all devotees and fetishists who, like me, are fascinated by fragrant leather and whips: my new gallery is online here.

January 2018

  • New tingling electric toys have arrived. In my hands you will experience special adventures.

December 2017

  • A great year with a lot of special experiences comes to an end. Thank you my devoted slaves and dear playing partners. See you soon again in 2018!

November 2017

  • Guest AppearanceĀ in Munich on December 8th and 9th. Appointments on request.
  • Note: Unfortunately lately my texts or their content including my world of ideas and style have been copied. So if you see a similarity to other texts, you can be sure that it originally came from me, Mistress Myra.

October 2017

  • Watch out my ponies and future ponies! My new horse saddle has finally arrived. I’m looking forward to riding you really hard!