Online Encounter & Education

I have more and more ideas in my mind and additionally I have already prepared some challenges, which from now on will regularly be published here and on my Twitter page. Be aware – not everyone will be accepted! I have high standards! Perfect behavior and obedience is a basic requirement in any case.

What can you experience with me?

  • Personal discussions about fantasies, ideas

It is something very special to share your inclinations and fantasies with me, because I understand them all. I love talking about both your and my fantasies. It can take place playfully sparkling or in a stricter tone. Of course humor can always be part of it. We can also talk about possible future sessions. This is equally suitable for beginners. You can find additional information about the talks under Online Coaching & Consultation.

  • Short stories and stories about certain topics

We can exchange ideas about different scenarios and role-playing games. Or you can “let yourself be carried away live” by me in different scenarios, role-playing games and sessions. We can actively write a story. There is a lot of dynamism (and eroticism in various ways) involved. Your head cinema is in full swing … It can be something that only exists in your fantasy world or ideas for future personal sessions.

Another option would be a homework task, in which you have to describe a scenario, which I told you before, and include your secret fantasies. I complete this story with my own fantasies. I am also open to other variations if they stimulate to me.

Online education

  • Shorter “sessions” and trainings, which I determine depending on your inclinations and preferences. Of course I also enjoy challenging games. For certain topics I will also develop “challenges”, that have to be fulfilled. Follow my homepage or Twitter for more information.
  • Longer training and education – this special feature includes contact and control taken over by me over a longer period of time (e.g. a whole day or even days). The intensity and regularity is discussed beforehand or determined entirely by me. Surprises are not out of the question;) Imagine how you will feel, if you suddenly receive a message from me …
  • Chastity training, masturbation instructions and orgasm control
    I determine when and under what circumstances you will reach your climax. I am definitely creative, which lets you feel an intense connection with me.

The options listed above are just examples. You are welcome to contact me if you have any special requests or ideas – I am curious and open-minded. It is possible, that I would like to realize it together with you.

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